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Edwards Family Law

Maureen Edwards is the founder of Edwards Family Law. Maureen has appeared before all levels of court in Ontario, including the Divisional Court and the Court of Appeal. She has provided written submissions to the Supreme Court of Canada.


Maureen started her legal career in complex civil and commercial litigation with a preeminent Bay Street law firm, where she summered, articled and then was an associate. She learned from several great advocates and litigators and developed excellent oral and written advocacy skills. She further honed these skills in the family law context when she spent several years with a prominent Toronto family law firm focused on trial and appellate family law litigation prior to founding Edwards Family Law. 


Maureen holds a J.D. from the University of Windsor, Faculty of Law and a B.Sc.H. and M.Sc. in Biology from Queen’s University. While in law school, Maureen gave back to the community by volunteering with her law school’s community legal aid clinic. She maintains a passion for pro bono work and in 2016 was co-awarded the Young Advocates’ Standing Committee’s Commitment to Pro Bono Award.

Maureen focuses on: Family Law, Parenting Coordination and Mediation.

Our Vision

Family Law issues have the potential to impact the most important aspects of our lives. Nearly every single person is affected in some way by family law matters and/or disputes. Maureen founded Edwards Family Law to provide compassionate and solution-oriented family law services to residents of the Oakville and Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area.

Practice Areas

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Family Law

Maureen represents and advises clients on all areas of family law, including issues related to separation agreements and divorce, parenting issues (including decision making and parenting time), spousal and child support, mobility matters, property division, marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, among other things.


Maureen can also help with highly complex matters that involve business corporations, partnerships, commercial issues, and criminal proceedings. This means working with other lawyers, business valuators, and other professionals as needed.


Often the client’s goal is to resolve these matters without resorting to the courtroom. Maureen shares this goal, as this often results in a faster, more efficient and cost-effective resolution. However, sometimes matters end up in court. Maureen is prepared to advocate strongly on your behalf before all levels of the court and/or arbitrators (private alternative dispute decision-makers). 


Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution, often used in an effort to avoid litigation. A neutral mediator meets with and assists the family in resolving conflict. This is a voluntary process that is agreed to in advance by both parties. The goal is to resolve the issues/dispute in a way that meets the needs of all parties. Mediation can be conducted with or without each party’s lawyer present. All participants in mediation are encouraged to actively participate in the process. Mediation can occur in-person or by videoconferencing if all parties agree. 


Maureen Edwards is available to act as a mediator for your family.

Parenting Coordination

Parenting coordination is a form of alternative dispute resolution. Parents can meet with a Parenting Coordinator for help with following the parenting parts of their court order, family arbitration award, or separation agreement. This is a voluntary process that the parents participate in to resolve many coparenting issues that arise day-to-day, like scheduling activities, arranging for pick-up/drop-off to extracurricular activities or travel and passport arrangements. Parenting Coordinators are unable to resolve major issues like which parent has decision-making (custody) or parenting time (access schedules).


A Parenting Coordinator helps you speak with each other to try and agree on your parenting issues. If you can't agree, they can decide for you. Their decision is based on information they get from the parents, professionals such as doctors, teachers, counsellors, etc., and, if needed, your child.


Maureen Edwards has taken courses in and related to parenting coordination and is available to act as a Parenting Coordinator for your family.

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